CS Forum 2013

Daniel Eizans

Information Architect at The Understanding Group

Who’s Daniel?

Daniel’s is an information architect and content strategist at The Understanding Group. He’s a former journalist, programming professional, and student of neuroscience. His approach to online content is rooted in creating the most contextually relevant experience for users regardless of point of access. When he’s not focused on making the web a more usable place, Daniel is probably crafting neurological experiments, working on a chess problem, riding his motorcycle, or perfecting a recipe. He contributes to Contents magazine and blogs sporadically at danieleizans.com

Daniel’s topic

Patching Our Crumbling Foundations Through Information Architecture

In 2013, there are more Internet connected devices than people in the world. All these connected devices are content hungry service powered machines aimed at making life easier for users. Now more than ever, the world needs information architecture. Now more than ever, the world needs unprecedented collaboration from all the disciplines that IA spawned.

While we’re scrambling to define ourselves, our “expertise” and the services we want to provide, our foundations are crumbling beneath us. In an effort to carve out niches, the contexts we have created cry out for organization. This talk is a call to arms, a challenge to content practitioners, marketers, designers, stakeholders and technologists. We must focus on the systems we design and the contexts we create for our users and their devices by shoring up the foundations of Information Architecture.

Audience will learn:

  • How our current segmented structures will not scale to the proliferation of devices and technology
  • How we can begin to create a culture of collaboration among our fragmented disciplines
  • How we can modify the original tenants of information architecture to succeed in this goal.