CS Forum 2013

Laura Blaydon

Senior Manager, Content Strategy at SapientNitro

Who’s Laura?

A former news reporter, Laura entered the world of digital publishing in the late ‘90s and found a home in the web content community. For the past 12 years, she has led digital content strategy teams for major brands including HSBC and Sears and Allstate. With a focus on both experience-enhancing and efficiency-driving aspects of content strategy and content management, Laura takes a comprehensive approach to support client and end-user needs. She’s also known for having an “eagle eye” and an encyclopedic knowledge of AP Style.

Laura’s topic

Is Your Content Strategy Keeping Up With Emerging Technologies?

Technology’s continued evolution is changing customer expectations and needs, offering content strategists new opportunities and challenges in the race to win “share of mind.” To reach this empowered, digitally connected audience, content providers must offer information that’s timely, relevant and integrated into (and across) the products and tools consumers use every day.

During this session, we’ll focus on how you can use key technologies to ensure your content strategy is optimized for the changing digital landscape. We’ll discuss emerging trends in big data and mobile technologies, along with evolving customer behaviors and expectations, to show how you can develop a content strategy that does more than just keeping up.

Audience will learn:

  • How new technologies have already fundamentally changed the ways consumers interact with companies and their products digitally
  • Which emerging technologies will further shape consumer expectations in the not-so-distant future
  • How you can develop a content strategy that leverages technology to best support your target audience and differentiate your company/product