CS Forum 2013

Richard Ingram

Information Designer at ingserv

Who’s Richard?

Richard is a writer, information designer, and content strategy advocate hailing from the sleepy English seaside town of Hastings. He is one of a triumvirate of brothers at ingserv, a tiny studio that creates simple, accessible websites. Richard is perhaps best known in the web community for my content strategy diagrams and infographics that have helped to define and explain the discipline to a diverse audience. In addition to blogging at richardingram.co.uk and tweeting at @richardjingram. Richard has also has written for Johnny Holland and Contents Magazine and helped co-organise the London Content Strategy Meetup.

Richard’s topic

The Importance of Visualization – Mapping the Way Forward

Maps are more than just diagrams of the route from A to B – to draw one is to bring together the whole view of our surrounding world so that we can gain a better understanding of it. Even a single, simple example has the ability to delight, unsettle and reveal truths. In politically-charged environments an objective visual map can reinforce, influence or challenge held perceptions and beliefs, making them a vital tool in designing pliable, people-focused content systems that are fit for purpose. Their proactive and reactive qualities force ourselves and others to see things as they really are; to contemplate the relationship between them and how they vary together.

Audience will learn:

  • When, where and how to apply visual maps to the content strategy process.
  • How to employ visual storytelling techniques to design and present impactful and memorable maps.
  • How to inform maps using data and opinions gleaned from investigations, interviews and surveys.