CS Forum 2013

Misty Weaver

Community Manager at Content Insight

Who’s Misty?

Misty is a community manager who practices content strategy, research and information architecture at Content Insight. As a lecturer at the University of Washington’s Information School, she teaches a course in Content Strategy for Information Architecture. Misty’s career focus has nonprofit management, technology and outreach. Misty hosts monthly meetups and volunteers to plan local conferences because she really, really loves her work.

Misty’s topic:

Closing the Community Gap: Leveraging community management for sustainable content strategies

Community management is vital to delivering a cross-channel content experience that matches organization goals with audience needs and their passions. Truly useful, usable content comes from knowing that audience and delivering content that connects the organization with communities. By incorporating and adjusting user research and content analysis, we can create sustainable on-going community management plans that help organizations fulfill their content strategy goals. This talk features tools and practices that help strategists, content managers and marketers bring understanding of internal and external communities into content planning and long-term content development. We’ll explore optimized listening, content auditing and interpreting analytics for community-centered content experiences. By bringing focus to relationships and conversations, we can reframe work around a community instead of just the company and a set of customers. We can use the cross-channel format to take in as well as give back.

Audience will learn:

  • Mine community conversations for content planning (gap analysis for communities)
  • Leverage content tools for community management practices (squeeze out more insight)
  • Make connections and collaborative opportunities (Infiltrate a silo)