CS Forum 2013

Cory-Ann Joseph

Content Strategist, freelancer

Who’s Cory-Ann?

Cory-Ann has over ten years’ experience in content, mostly working with men who gamble with their lives (extreme sports), or just plain gamble (online poker). She’s now a risk-averse freelance content strategist, co-organiser of Refresh Dublin, and the Marketing and Communications Mentor for the Interaction Design Association’s (IxDA) Events Office.

Cory’s topic

What If We Could Start Over? What Startups Have to Teach Big Business

Content strategy has had a lot of lightbulb moments since the first CS Forum four years ago. However after seeing the same problems over and over again Cory-Ann started to wonder how big businesses got themselves into such a hot mess of content in the first place. So, she went back to the start – and talked to four startups – a mix of digital and physical products, those who relish content and those who struggle with it. She asked how much content they produce (a lot), do they have a content person (nope), do they plan to hire a content person (nope to that too), and how that all makes sense if content is valued to them (and it was).

Discover what she learnt, including where good practices and bad habits start, and how to create, grow and maintain a content strategy as your organisation grows. 

Audience will learn: 

  • Tips on starting a content strategy from scratch
  • How to manage content in a small organisation
  • How to avoid becoming messy as your business gets bigger