CS Forum 2013

Kati Keronen and Katri Tanni

Content strategist at Differo

Who are Kati and Katri?

Kati Keronen is a strategic thinker with several years of experience in management, sales and marketing currently using her experience at Differo. Kati is a liked educator and a consultant who helps companies to utilize web content as part of marketing, sales and customer service in order to meet and guide customers in web. As content strategist, Kati believes that guiding customers along content paths is possible only when content is strictly aligned into both business strategy and sales process.

Katri Tanni is highly appreciated expert in branding, marketing and social media. Katri is at her best in helping companies to build long-term marketing strategies and ideating campaigns supporting the same business objectives. As content strategist Katri believes that the key to success is careful targeting based on informational needs of the target audience.

Katri’s and Kati’s topic

Content Strategy for B2B Companies: web content can support demanding sales process

Many B2B business owners still stubbornly claim that their customers cannot be reached online. Low number of engaged followers is not a mirror of web behavior in general. What this implies is that the company has not been able to produce content that customers are interested in. Well-targeted content that supports long term business objectives with the purpose of educating and sharing insight is the key to success. This way information seekers can identify themselves with the content and engage with it.

The talk will present a well-tested model for establishing Content Strategy for B2B-companies. This four-stage model has already changed the mindset for web content in several B2B companies in Finland – and we are delighted to share the insight by presenting the model in more detailed way.

Audience will learn:

  • How CS helps companies to unify organizational silos (marketing, sales, customer service) behind the same goals.
  • How CS is created and implemented in B2B companies and what business benefits companies have gained -practical examples and cases from Finnish industrial and service companies.
  • How our four-stage model gives peace and clarity into content production and makes it possible to finally rationalize marketing efforts with the knowledge and analysed data, not only based on best guesses.