Stacey Gordon

President and Content and Communications Strategist at Suite Seven

Who’s Stacey?

Stacey is the founder and president of Suite Seven, a content strategy and brand communication consultancy in Oakland, CA. She’s been wrangling the WWW (and its content) since 1995, and combines corporate branding, marcom, and editorial experience to orchestrate complex content projects for clients.

Stacey’s topic

The Content Strategy of Thought Leadership

Many companies today strive to be “thought leaders,” but only a select few truly live up to that aspiration. Thought leadership requires a unique point of view, the ability to provide valuable information, and a layered approach to disseminating that information. In this presentation, we’ll explore what makes a thought leader, best practices for thought leadership, and why a content strategy is essential to help companies grow into true thought leaders — helping with everything from navigating internal politics to prioritizing resources. We’ll include case studies from client projects as well as other companies.

Audience will learn:

  • Why “thought leadership” is different from “content marketing”
  • The content best practices of true thought leaders
  • How a content strategy can address publishing priorities and help teams overcome internal barriers to emerging as a true thought leader