Workshop: Rachel & Cleve

Rachel Lovinger & Cleve Gibbon

Experience Director and content strategist at Razorfish | CTO at Cognifide

Who’s Rachel?

Rachel Lovinger is an Experience Director and content strategist at Razorfish in New York. She’s dedicated to exploring a future in which content is more effectively structured and connections more easily discovered. With over 13 years of experience in online publishing, website development and content management, Rachel has been doing content strategy since before she realized it was actually a thing.

Rachel is a regular speaker at international conferences in the areas of content strategy, user experience, and the semantic web. She authored Nimble: A Razorfish Report on Publishing in the Digital Age (June 2010), and more recently wrote about Content Strategy Mastery and Content Modelling for A List Apart. She co-edits Razorfish’s content strategy blog Scatter/Gather, and tweets about living in NYC and going to conferences at @rlovinger.

Who’s Cleve?

Cleve Gibbon is a seasoned technologist working in the digital space. Everyday is packed with finding innovative ways to squeeze the most from technology to get things done better. After 20 years of delivering portals, websites, intranets, internet applications, microsites, trading systems, mobile, and landing pages of varying shapes and sizes, his focus lies squarely on creating author-friendly, brand-specific content platforms that enable the best storytellers, designers, and communicators to engage effectively with their target audience. For this, Cleve works with content strategists, UX, IA, other technologists, basically anyone who is willing to help. Cleve has a Doctorate in Computer Science, a Diploma in Digital Marketing, and combines the two daily to facilitate the conversation between marketing (CMO) and IT (CIO).  Cleve is on twitter @cleveg and occasionally blogs over at