Pontus Staunstrup

Senior Communication Strategist at JG Communication

Who’s Pontus?

Pontus works with strategic communications, focusing on content/digital strategy, branding, content marketing and social media. His job is to help companies and organizations to communicate with their target groups, in all channels, with engaging and relevant content. Pontus has worked with numerous Swedish and international companies as a strategist and advisor. He also teaches and lectures on content strategy, content marketing and digital strategy (including social media). In addition to all that, Pontus is a frequent contributor of blog posts and white papers on content strategy for JG Communication, and also the manager for Sweden’s first LinkedIn group on Content strategy. You can find out more about Pontus here.

Pontus’ topic

Helping companies to do better business with the right content

Today 94% of every B2C purchase process starts with a search, and 80% of all B2B deals begin with the buyer contacting the seller. Or, put another way, 75% of your customers purchase journey is complete before you become aware of them. To create better business we need to be present in our customers purchasing process from the start. And the only way we can do that is to provide useful, inspiring content that solves their problems or offers them new possibilities. But many companies still rely on old-fashioned marketing, inside-out messages and content that isn’t optimized for either search or social. What they really need is a content strategy, a plan that will help them reach their target audience with useful, relevant and efficient content. Using real cases from both B2C and B2C companies this presentation will demonstrate how a content strategy helps companies do better business.

Audience will learn:

  • The sweet spot for great content – combining user needs, business goals and branding
  • Matching the right content to different stages of the purchasing process
  • How to involve the customer in the strategy process and come up with really great content ideas
  • Why you have to integrate social and search into your content strategy