Ida Aalen

Senior Interaction Designer at Netlife Research

Who’s Ida?

Ida Aalen is a senior interaction designer at Netlife Research, were she has worked since 2010. Ida is deeply involved in user research, interaction design and concept development – where she considers content to be the key aspect. She has worked on sites like the Norwegian Cancer Society and wrote the book on social media in Norway. Before starting at Netlife Research Ida worked as a journalist in an online newspaper.

Ida’s topic

Content against cancer: Content as business value

The Norwegian Cancer Society wanted a new website. Their old website was full of content that failed to answer their users most important questions – e.g. starting an article about colon cancer with explaining why you have a colon at all and what it does. We developed the website around the core content of their website – information about cancer forms – and developed content guidelines and a design that lets The Norwegian Cancer Society to cut to the chase about cancer in an informative and authoritative way, while still being sensitive to the fact that many users would be in a vulnerable situation.

Audience will learn:

  • To use the core model to prioritize content in a responsive website
  • How content governance is improved by a clear and defined core message
  • How content is enhanced by working collaboratively and interdisciplinary