Frost Simula

Front-End Developer at The Nerdery

Who’s Frost?

A 17- year veteran in web application development, Frost Simula focuses on content management systems and advanced front-end design. In an age where beauty and function are polar opposites, Frost specializes in architecture that balances delivery, search engine optimization, accessibility, mobile compatibility, and visual appeal using a proven design process and an elegant development approach.

When he is not speaking or blogging about software development as a form of art, Frost is can be found writing music, building special effects for stage and film, or enjoying the great outdoors. Frost is an advocate for conscious markup design, and co-author the front-end code standards for the Drupal 8 CMS.

Frost’s topic

10 Tips Your Development Partner Wants You To Know

Every software design project needs the cooperation of a skilled developer. But separating the design and the development processes can lead to difficulties later in production. Increase your likelihood of success by partnering with your developer during the early creative phases. Discover how to align your design with technical specs, avoid development pitfalls, and streamline your development project with these 10 simple efficiencies.

The audience will learn:

  • New standards in software behaviors.
  • How to spot the most overlooked parts of software design.
  • How to make the most of your development budget.