Perttu Tolvanen

Web Consultant & CMS Expert, North Patrol

Who’s Perttu?

Perttu Tolvanen is a web concept design and content management system expert. Perttu consults with clients on project planning and defining requirements, and supports customers in selecting content management systems and implementation partners. His areas of specialisation include facilitating concept design workshops and selecting content management systems.

Perttu has ten years of experience with web and intranet projects, including serving as a project manager and consultant. Earlier in his career Perttu has worked in procurement and as a project manager at a large media company, a content management system consultant at a large IT company and an independent, neutral consultant at his own firm. He is also an active blogger.

Perttu’s topic

What Content Strategists Need to Demand from the CMS Guys

This talk is a brutally honest confession of a CMS expert and information architect about the state of Web CMS market today and how the rise of content and mobile devices is changing what we should expect from our Web CMS. The presentation will review the most important features of CMSs that are important for content strategists and what should content strategists demand from the CMS guys.

Audience will learn:

  • Why “experience management” is not reality yet for CMSs (even though every CMS vendor says so)
  • Why inline editing and wysiwyg are bad ideas, and what to require from Web CMS instead?
  • how the role of Web CMS is changing and how content strategist are in the heart of that change