Jarkko Kurvinen

Chief Marketing Officer and Content Strategist at Plutoni

Who’s Jarkko?

Jarkko Kurvinen is Chief Marketing Officer and Content Strategist in marketing company Plutoni. Jarkko is passionate marketing evangelist and speaker about content marketing, social businesses and digital revolution. He is working as outsourced Chief Marketing Officer for varying small and medium-sized enterprises to meet their business objectives and is considered expert in the field of marketing, social medias and digital strategy. He is also the co-author of the best marketing book in Finland in 2011, ‘Blogimarkkinointi’, which is about blog marketing. Kurvinen also blogs frequently in magazines like Taloussanomat and Markkinointi&Mainonta.

Jarkko’s Topic

Content Marketing 101 – Putting the Content Strategy into Practice

Today’s customers are more knowledgeable than ever. Over 80% of the sales process goes under the seller’s radar. Companies are missing huge chunks of qualified prospects because they’re not appealing to customers’ problems, challenges, questions and needs. Successful Content Marketing is about serving your target group: problem solving, understanding your client’s stage in buying process and enabling your clients to market you and your services.

Content Marketing 101 helps you to turn around your marketing efforts to align your actions to your business goals with solid content strategy and marketing. Content Marketing done right gives you clear competitive advantage, trustworthiness, differentiates you from your competition and makes your value known by empowering your current clients while bringing new ones. It’s all about making yourself irreplaceable!

Presentation gives you key takeaways with real Finnish B2C and B2B case-examples.

Audience will learn:

  • How to make your marketing inbound and make your prospects find you
  • How to make effective and actionable Content Marketing
  • How to kickstart your Content Marketing efforts with a solid plan
  • How content can drive your business goals and make you irreplaceable


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