Christiaan Lustig

Top Task Management and Online Strategy Consultant at Sabel Online

Who’s Christiaan?

Christiaan is an autodidact online communications and online service professional with over 14 years of experience with companies, government agencies and non-profit organizations. He advises clients on online strategy, content strategy and top tasks management.

Christiaan regularly blogs about these subjects on the well-known Dutch blog, and every now and then on the British blog .Net Magazine. He also occasionally speaks about those subjects at small conferences.

Christiaan’s topic

There Is Such a Thing as a Mobile Context… and There Is Evidence to Prove it.

“There is no mobile web”, said Stephen Hay. Agreed. “There is no mobile context”, added Stephanie Rieger, And Jeff Eaton, and Karen McGrane. Or is there?

I, too, believe there’s no single mobile context. However, when researching top tasks for one of the four University Medical Centres in the Netherlands, we discovered that that people who visit the hospital’s site from their home, office or medical practice, have different top tasks compared to people who are either on their way to or in the hospital for an appointment or visit. This not only demands a mobile-optimised or responsive site, but it also warrants mobile-specific or responsive content.

I’d like to make the case for content to not only shift or change priority, based on (mobile or other) context, but perhaps to even change altogether. How would you deal with this in content strategy and content creation?

Audience will learn:

  • How to determine whether there is such a thing as a mobile (or other) context for your organisation.
  • How to determine the top tasks for (a) mobile and/or other usage context(s).
  • How to develop a content strategy as well as create content for such contexts.

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