CS Forum 2013

Recommended Restaurants

Here is a list of restaurants we recommend. You can find restaurants from all price and taste ranges. Enjoy your stay in Helsinki!

Fine dining


Olo’s kitchen represents the modern Nordic cuisine, where traditional raw materials of the North are well-respected. The restaurant offers clarity of design and generous flavours as known from grandmother’s times. One Michelin star. Menus from 89 €.

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Savoy has been the flagship of Finnish gastronomy and restaurant culture for decades. The kitchen, known for its classics, is also a trailblazer in the modern-day gastronomy with an emphasis on healthy eating. Mains from 40 €.

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Culinary treats that are designed daily according to season’s best ingredients. One Michelin star. Menus from 60 €.

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Chez Dominique

Chez Dominique, famous for its high quality and innovative take on fine dining, is located on Rikhardinkatu in Helsinki city centre. The flavours of the restaurant originate from the Nordic and French cuisines.
Each season brings a new menu accompanied by an exceptional selection of fine wines and champagnes. Two Michelin stars. Menus from 120 €.

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Bistros with great food

Chef & Sommelier

Chef & Sommelier is a restaurant in Ullanlinna, Helsinki. The restaurant concentrates on organic ingredients but also use ingredients from the nature and from Fairtrade. Menus starting from 44 €.

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Muru Dining

Cute little bistro that serves a daily menu and known classics. Always busy, book ahead! Menus starting from 36 €.

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Restaurant Kolo

Small bistro that serves excellent food and seasonal menus. Busy, please book ahead! Menus starting from 39,50 €.

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HOKU is a small casual restaurant located in the Helsinki Punavuori/Eira district started by Ryan Shibuya. Ryan was born and raised in Hawaii and wanted to share some of the great foods from back home. Nothing fancy, just good food in a casual environment. Main courses starting from 19 €.

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The speciality of this restaurant is a delicacy called Sapas. Sapas is an authentically Finnish hors d’oeuvre, handmade according to Finnish culinary traditions. In Juuri they transform Finnish gifts of nature in an innovative manner to suit modern tastes. In addition to Sapas you may savour main courses, which have been prepared following the same philosophy. Sapas 4,60 €.

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Street food & everyday meals


European food in a small neighbourhood restaurant. Mains from 10 €. Please notice this restaurant does not serve alcoholic drinks.

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Relaxed and easy-going neighbourhood restaurant in the heart of Ullanlinna. Mains from 15 €.

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Cafe Balsac

Small cafe & bistro that offers down to earth European cuisine. Mains from 8.50 €.

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Authentic and very down to earth Russian restaurant in the working class area of Kallio. Mains from 8 €.

Address: Kustaankatu 7.


Hip and cool restaurant that serves pizzas with a twist. Pizzas from 14 €.

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Morrison’s Grill & Green offers indulgence on Ateneuminkuja in the centre of Helsinki. The relaxed atmosphere and big hamburgers are a big hit. Burgers from 13 €.


Sushi & Wine

Trendy sushi bar in the center of Helsinki. Finnish design, wines and quality ingredients. Nigiris from 4 €.

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