Jonathon Colman

Content Strategist at Facebook

Who’s Jonathon?

For over 15 years, Jonathon Colman (@jcolman) has helped people and organizations build, find, and use the best stuff on the Web. Jonathon has worked with organizations like REI, The Nature Conservancy, Conservation International, and IBM connect with their customers, launch platforms and tools, and build communities. By leveraging expertise in SEO/Inbound marketing, social media, web analytics, content strategy and agile methodologies, Jonathon helps organizations become better at what they do so that they can succeed in fulfilling their missions. Jonathon helped lead a team that won two Webby Awards for The Nature Conservancy in 2009. He’s presented at conferences all over the world. Previously, Jonathon served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Burkina Faso, West Africa where he worked on rural public health issues.

Jonathon’s topic

Building the Content-Driven Organization: Aligning Core Values with Content

Core values aren’t created; they’re found. They’re not selected; they’re discovered. And for most of our organizations and clients, content is not — and never will be — a core value. Rather, it’s simply just another commodity.

Our work so often focuses on tactics, techniques, and tools that when it comes to creating a core content strategy, we find ourselves blocked for lack of direction, because our organizations are blocked for lack of a guiding purpose. This can be the result of a lack of core values or, infinitely worse, a series of stated core values that do not match up with the reality of how the business actually makes decisions.

Audience will learn:

    • Examine the building blocks of your organizational core values and purpose
    • Walk through the process that you can take to discover your organization’s core value
    • Show how to align your content strategy with organizational core values with a series of real-world examples