Caj Södergård CS Forum 2013

Caj Södergård

Permanent Research Professor, Media Technology, at the Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT)

Who’s Caj?

Caj Södergård (@CajSod), Dr. Tech. is a permanent Research Professor in Media Technology at the Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT). He got his masters degree (with honours) in Computer Science and Control Technology in 1980 and his Doctor of Technology in 1994, both from Helsinki University of Technology. Before joining VTT in 1982, he worked for three years in industry, designing machine vision systems. At VTT he has worked in numerous image processing and media technology projects, of which he has led a significant part. His work has resulted in several products used in the field. His expertise is in media technology, especially methods for hybrid and integrated publishing in various media including mobile media. He has over 230 publications, is author of several books and has several patents in these fields.

Caj’s topic

The talk will concentrate on how technology megatrends – most notably the fusion of the physical and the virtual, the massive handling of big and user data as well as multisensory user interfaces,  will affect the content strategy. Examples will be given how development by VTT have enhanced the communicative power of print media like magazines and books, but also of  packages, furniture, and public screens.

The audience will learn:

  • Perspectives on technology trends relevant to media
  • Ideas on how these trends can be utilized in content strategies
  • Concrete examples of how new technology can enhance the communication.