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Workshop 1: Intro to Content Strategy

By Kristina Halvorson

Nobody expects the editor of a newspaper to also operate the printing press. But people responsible for developing content for the internet are expected to deal with it all — from communication goals to publishing tools. In this session, you’ll learn to look at content from the perspective of people and on the terms of technology. See how your site’s content directly and indirectly affects user experience, design, and interactivity on every platform. Then bring content strategy into your user experience process.

The workshop covers the following topics:

Getting your arms around your content through audits and inventories

- Taking a deep dive into your existing content through a content inventory
- Judging whether your content is any good with a content audit
- Planning next steps and what needs to be developed with a gap analysis

Informing structure and design by modeling content first

- The differences between content strategy and content management
- What it means to have structure in your content
- The interactive and development benefits of early content modeling

Fusing content strategy with your existing project life cycles

- Ways to choose, prioritize, and craft content to elegantly span platforms
- How audits and inventories help you identify content for cross-channel publishing
- Exercises to break down content into digestible content types

Creating a content workflow to maintain content over the long haul

- How to define your editorial process, workflow, and governance model
- The systems approach to managing content, including keeping roles and permissions sane
- Appropriate checkpoints for establishing a workflow without making it burdensome

20-30 people