Workshop: Rachel & Cleve

Workshop 2: Content Modelling

By Rachel Lovinger & Cleve Gibbon

Content is… On the desktop. In print. Flooding your inbox. Bombarding my mobile. The reality is that companies are struggling to engage with a multi-channel, multi-device, multi-lingual, global audience with timely, consistent and relevant content. So we deploy numerous tactical solutions to repurpose content from one channel to another. Or use responsive design to just-in-time deal with content on the target device. Under the hood, a content ecosystem succeeds or fails based on its ability to support an organization’s content strategy while providing a sane, sustainable workflow.

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about “structured content” lately. You may also have heard that it’s very important to truly get content everywhere. But how does structured content happen? How do you create content once that can be published everywhere? Where do you start? What do you need? Who needs to be involved?  How much effort do you need to invest?

Designers, technologists, and editors need to align to create structured content. Comps, writing guidelines, and annotated wireframes cannot convey every aspect of your content needs. Instead, you must create models that communicate a shared understanding of the content requirements, to align the design vision with the editorial needs, convey them in a tech-ready form, and bring your strategy for structured content to life.

In this workshop a tech-friendly content strategist and a content-sympathetic CTO will help you learn how to create content models that will spur discussion, identify gaps, align teams, resolve issues, and ultimately design reusable content that can be used everywhere.

What you willl learn in this workshop:
  • How to read, create and apply your own content models.
  •  How to structure content to meet adaptive and responsive needs.
  •  How to collaborate on structured content design and development within a multi-disciplinary team.
  • How to coordinate effectively between creative outputs and meaningful content.
  • How leading practitioners and clients are approaching structured content.

20-30 people